Tilley Village - Wem - Shrewsbury
Shropshire - SY4 5HE
Tel: (01939) 234419


SUN TO THUR - 12 noon till 11.00pm
FRI - 12 noon till 1.00am
SAT - 12 noon till midnight


MON TO SAT - 12 noon till 3pm
& 5.30pm till 9.30pm
SUN - 12 noon till 8.45pm
LAST ORDERS 15 Minutes before finnish 

Food is available between
3pm & 5.30pm by Pre- Booking only





Customer Comment

Really pleased to hear about the introduction of gluten free meals to the menu. It shows a real drive to improve the experience for all diners and provide an excellent service to all, whatever their needs. I look forward to sampling some of these dishes in the near future.



cstomer comment

I must rave about your 'Red Snort' chilli.  Fantastic!  It was rich and tasty with a real kick.  I don't think I've tasted better.  Please put it on the menu again.  I'll definitely be back for more!



Gluten and Wheat Free

Over the last few months we have have been developing our sauces to make them gluten & wheat free without losing texture or flavour. Our Curries are already gluten & wheat free as we use Gram flour to thicken and now with a blend of rice flour, buck wheat and potato flour i am pleased to announce we have achieved this. We are starting to introduce these to the Menu and they will be marked GF


New Healthier Cooking Oil

I now use Rape seed oil for frying this is locally sourced direct from a farm in North Wales. Rape seed oil unlike vegetable oil is unbleached low in cholesterol and is not genetically modified. It's higher in Omega 3 (good for the brain we could all use some of that) and Vitamin B (good for the eyes).The oil is only cold pressed once for better quality, all round it's a much healthier product and cooks food a better colour as it is unbleached


Porters, Stouts & Milds


We have had a lot of success this winter with both porter and stout they have proved a popular addition to our trad range of Beers especially with the increased price of Guinness they sell for between £2.30 & £2.75 a pint. For those unsure of the exact nature of a Porter it's Stout with a lighter body more the consistency of a Bitter. Definitely worth a try as you get the rich flavours of Malts, Chocolate and Licorice without the heavy thickness of a stout. Most popular have been Titanic's Stout, Offa's Dyke Grim Reaper, Ludlow's Black Knight and Darkness by Blackwater.


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